The website has been setup as a charity to obtain funds for children to continue receiving the Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation ( ABR ) treatment. The information contained on this website is of a general nature to inform people of the charity objectives and to give some idea of the ABR treatment. The charity personnel have no specific medical training and the information contained on this site does not constitute a recommendation that this treatment is suitable for all personnel, that ABR replaces any existing treatment for children with cerebral palsy or replaces any recommendations from a qualified medical practicioner. The website also has some links to other locations where ABR clinics have been started. Bio-Rehab for Kids Inc has no formal association with these clinics and we have no involvement in their operations. Bio-rehab for Kids Inc. also does not have any involvement in the information contained in any links nominated by these other sites.   Each person must seek their own medical advice from a recognised medical practicioner to ascertain whether ABR could be beneficial to any person with a disability