ABR testimonials


  The following testimonials have been provided by Perth families.



My daughter Violet received brain damage at 6 months of age, now she is 17 years old with severe movement and physical disabilities.  As with other children with severe physical disabilities, my child moves her entire body when trying to isolate and move other parts of her body.  She is intelligent, but has not been able to walk, talk, roll or do much for herself at all.

Before we started ABR, I was becoming distressed as her body was starting to get misshapen, for instance her left shoulder blade was starting to wing out noticeably.  Therapy providers had no answers for me when I asked about her shoulder winging out other than, "This is quite common".  I found this unacceptable and we, as a family, decided to try ABR to see if there would be a beneficial effect on Violet's body structure.  We started ABR around December 2008 and have noticed slow, progressive improvements with her body structure. 

We have been doing manual massage and using the ABR machine with very good results on Violet's body and general health.  Violet's body structure is definitely getting better:  her shoulders are coming down and we are seeing more of her collarbone; she is starting to use her arms to balance a bit for herself and her hands are more open; she is getting more control over her neck and shoulders.  Even though she is not sitting (yet) I, for the first time, can actually see how this will happen for her with continued ABR.  Other therapies have focused on trying to get Violet to grasp or sit, but her muscles just wouldn't work for her in the right way, so it has been very frustrating for her and all the family.  With ABR, I can see that there is steady improvement and that eventually she will be able to achieve purposeful movements for herself.

 Janet and Tim


Our daughter Jana was born under extreme conditions whereby she went 6 minutes without oxygen and needed resuscitation which resulted in damage to her brain. As a result she suffers from Severe Cerebral Palsy , Epilepsy and Developmental Delay and we were initially told not only that survival was unlikely but if she did survive she would not talk , walk or have any functional capacity at all.

Well Jana proved them all wrong and started to breath on her own, smiling , drinking and watching all these new things around her. At 8 months of age we discovered that a therapy called ABR had become available in Perth due to a charity called Biorehab for Kids which had formed to assist families with children that had severe CP or similar issues. They flew the trainers to Perth twice a year and when we discovered about this therapy the clinic was just about to start so we jumped right on board.

After the first clinic we started with the ABR exercises immediately as Jana had several major issues which were her ribs had flared out and distorted and also she was being fed now through a nasal gastric tube. She had no head control whatsoever and was very thin.

After several months we chose to go to Singapore for the clinic there and to meet the founder of ABR Mr Leonid Blyum and Jana got a full assessment directly from My Blyum. From there on we have not looked back and Jana has received the ABR treatment now for six and a half years. Within six months her ribs were back to normal and at age two we had the pleasure of taking the Nasal Gastric tube out and throwing it in the bin as Jana started to eat like a horse. Her body filled up and all the distorting stopped, her head control is now amazing and she chats away like crazy (although still her own language)

Jana receives manual therapy from her Mum on a daily basis and at night she has the ABR Massager machine therapy while she sleeps. We even put the machine on her head while she plays with Dad after school to get extra hours in. With ABR the more you put in the more you see the improvements in your child. It is not a quick fix but a therapy which you need to stick with to keep the improvements going.

Jana has just turned seven years old and is a pure delight. We have no doubt that without the ABR therapy she would not be this healthy and happy.

Paul and Verena


Our son Kyron, who is now 16-year-old was diagnosed with severe, spastic, quadriplegic, cerebral palsy. This was due to a lack of oxygen during labour, which resulted in a hypoxic brain injury. Irrespective of all the challenges he has faced Kyron is a very charming, extremely smart young man, who possesses a wicked sense of humour and never ceases to amaze us with his bravery. He truly is the light of our lives. 

For the first year and half of Kyron's life we followed mainstream treatments. Unfortunately however, there was no improvement in his condition, in fact he was progressively deteriorating. At this time Kyron was functionally blind, insensate (even to pain) he never smiled and there was no head growth from two months old.  We searched the globe for a better answer and we found a clinic in America called "The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential". After only six weeks of a home-based treatment program Kyron smiled for the first time in his life at things he could see! This smile turned into laughter, which to this day is still the most beautiful sound in the world to us. Kyron cannot only see now, but he reads well and communicates using a letter board.

To cut a long story short, the prescribed programs from the Institutes improved Kyrons condition from a sensory, intellectual and physiological point of view. However, physically Kyron did not progress at all. It was at this time that we felt that surgery might be his only answer to hip problems along with other structural issues, including severe reflux?

Fortunately friends of ours, who also attended the Institutes with their son, who was very similar to Kyron recommended ABR. They advised us that if they were forced to choose only one treatment for their son it would be ABR. After doing our own research into the theory behind ABR treatment, we knew deep down, that it was the right thing to do. 

Kyron was already 8 1/2 years old when he started ABR, and conventionally by this age there is usually little or no improvements.  In fact, kids with severe cerebral palsy usually start to deteriorate. 

Before we started ABR, Kyron had a condition called “pigeon chest". This is a deformity of the chest characterized by a protrusion of the sternum and ribs. When Kyron used to lie on his back the highest point of his sternum was higher than the height of his nose. However, after only three months of carrying out ABR we were shown “before and after” pictures at our first clinic. We were amazed by the reduction in his chest. The peak had retreated significantly - the results were phenomenal.

Over the years we have seen many improvements in Kyrons body. There is a wider range of movement in his hips now. They are more flexible and more lubricated to the point where he is no longer in pain. There has been a considerable reduction in his reflux, he previously would bring up blood when he regurgitated, which does not happen now. There is a distinct division now between his neck, trunk and pelvis, whereas before they were fused together and acted as one - when he moved his head his whole body would move along with it. Due to these divisions Kyron's respiratory function has greatly improved. Good respirations are imperative for kids with Kyrons condition as this is often one of the weakest areas and can lead to life threatening pneumonias. The areas of structural progress are too many to list here, but it’s also important to understand that ABR not only improves our kids structure but also has a huge impact on their physiology, particularly digestion and breathing.

ABR has allowed us to avoid surgery, which is often very risky and extremely painful for our kids and for that we are forever grateful. Of course there are still many more issues that need to be addressed but we are confident that ABR is the best solution for our son. 

ABR is actually a very relaxing therapy for both the parents and the kids. Due to it being a home-based treatment, we can work around the kids needs and be flexible with the time in the day we carry it out. This considerably reduces stress levels for the whole family. The techniques and results have also improved a lot over the years, making it much more feasible for families to undertake. It is a therapy that works with the laws of physics and the laws of physics are constant, therefore it is impossible for it not to work for the kids when carried out correctly. 

There is not a day that goes by that we don't thank our lucky stars that we found ABR and especially that telethon has made it possible for the Singapore team to travel to Perth allowing more families to carry out this therapy. Also for a lot of the kids and their families air travel is not only very expensive but it can also be stressful and uncomfortable so the fact that we can now attend the clinic in Perth is truly wonderful. The telethon grants have taken a great deal of financial and emotional stress off the parents, which makes all the difference in the world to the ABR family’s quality of life.



Kasey is an 12 year old girl with the most gorgeous smile and contagious giggle. She was born after a text book pregnancy to her proud parents and they could not be happier with taking home their beautiful daughter with the most amazing red hair. At 6 weeks of age things were not as they seemed. A routine health nurse check up revealed Kasey was not making milestones and failing to gain weight. She was extremely floppy like a rag doll. Here started an extensive investigation into the cause with many tests and scans failing to determine a diagnosis. Still to this day, Kasey has no official diagnosis and still whenever a new test presents itself, she is having it done to attempt to put a label on her condition. Kasey has very low muscle tone, is non verbal , incontinent, unable to walk, has sensory processing disorder, and is anaphylactic to many things.  Although undiagnosed, we identify her condition similar to that of someone who has severe hypotonic cerebral palsy.

Like most parents in our situation we have constantly searched and attempted any therapies that can potentially help Kasey improve her abilities and create the best quality of life for her. Generally it is documented that children after the age of around 6  who have CP very rarely will show any significant improvements to their physical and cognitive developments and disadvantages. In most cases deterioration starts taking effect as children reach teenage and adulthood. Sometimes earlier. Within the public health system, unfortunately once school age is met then the child loses many of their conventional therapy time such as Physio, Occupational therapy and speech therapy as it is the end of the most viable years of early intervention.

For our family we did not want to cease any therapy that potentially could help Kasey and so we began trying a few more alternative options. Most had proved unbeneficial.

At the time, a friend of mine had spoken of Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation and how she was seeing results in her child with severe CP. As she explained the concept to me, I knew this was something I really wanted to try. My excitement very quickly became deflated when she told me that they had to re mortgage their house to pay for the treatment and fly to Singapore to do it. We had no ability to even contemplate this kind of money as we were in the process of trying to raise money in order to modify our house for Kasey's needs and also get a wheelchair adapted vehicle. This family too found the cost un sustainable and were forced to abandon the therapy.

Years later in 2014, whilst on a social media webpage ABR was once again highlighted before me. I enquired and learnt that the therapy was now available in Perth with the therapists from Singapore now going there, all thanks to a wonderful charity called Bio Rehab for Kids. This charity was extensively fundraising in an attempt to make the costs to the families more achievable by subsidising it with community raised funding. I then discovered that a large portion of this funding came from Telethon who have continued their generosity in making Bio Rehab for Kids a beneficiary over the years since. Although there was still a cost involved, we were finally able make ABR a reality.

And so September 2014 we began ABR. The initial training was intense but highly motivating and everything that was explained about the mechanics of the body and how things were needed to be done in order for damaged tissues to repair, just made complete sense. I knew this what I needed to be doing. One year later and my suspicions had been confirmed. The before and after video reports proved that we were finally after many years, making some positive transformations to Kasey's body. Her shoulders had broadened, opening the gap between her shoulder blades, her rib flaring had decreased and chest cavity deepened to allow deeper breathing. She had much better head control. I could never have imagined to see such good results in 12 months.

Our second year of ABR has been completed and we are just amazed at where this path is taking us. Since a very young age Kasey has needed x-rays to monitor her hips.  Due to her week muscles and ligaments her hip joints became displaced very early. Her migration percentage of displacement was at 36%. Her orthopaedic surgeon who monitors the progression had told us that hip surgery would be inevitable, just a matter of when. Over the years we have managed to keep her hips stable with activities such as hydrotherapy and hippo therapy at riding for the disabled. We thought it was the best they would ever be as we were told as Kasey hits puberty is where we are most likely going to see a sudden deterioration in her hips.

Her first X-rays after starting ABR took us completely by surprise as they showed they had actually improved by 5%. The surgeon had put this down to marginal error and that they were most likely still the same. 12 months on and the next round of x-rays showed that her hips were now only 24% displaced and there was no way that it was marginal error. The surgeon had put Kasey on 6 monthly reviews as she is well into puberty and classed as being in a critical period for development however even they are shocked by what her hips are doing. 6 months later and her hips have improved another 1% in the right direction with the surgeon now feeling confident that Kasey won’t ever need hip surgery. This is all thanks to ABR. We now feel confident that if we can continue ABR we can also turn her scoliosis around, Due to her rapid growth in height, scoliosis is becoming significantly worse. I feel ABR is my best chance at hopefully avoiding back surgery too.

Without ABR we would not see these wonderful results. A therapy that has proven to defy the standard medical beliefs. A therapy where there are no age barriers to when someone can start the treatments and expect to see results.

Without Bio Rehab For Kids and the appreciated support from Telethon, ABR would not be able to be brought to Perth. Your previous financial contributions to the charity have given families, like my own, new hope and an uplifting sense of achievement. Knowing that we can be doing something to help improve our children's lives. Thank you so very kindly for your previous support and on behalf of many families we thank Telethon for their wonderful work.