About Bio-Rehab for Kids

Bio-Rehab for Kids Inc. is a charity that was formed by a group of parents who have children with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders.  They wanted to access ABR therapy (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation) in Perth, Western Australia and not travel overseas for the therapy. Until recently, Perth families undertaking ABR therapy were required to attend a clinic in Singapore 3 times a year for assessment and training, with specific applications provided to be carried out at home on a daily basis by the parents. The charity was originally named Mums for Biomechanical Change, however the name was changed in February 2008 to Bio-Rehab for Kids Inc. as it was felt this name better reflected the charity's purpose.

We made an application for a grant from Telethon in Decemeber 2007 and our application was successful. The purpose of this grant was to cover the costs of the ABR therapists to travel from Singapore to Perth to conduct the clinics twice per year for the 2008 and 2009 years. The receipt of this grant has reduced the amount of money each family has to raise for airfares and accommodation. Families now have the option to go to Singapore once each year to be assessed by Leonid Blyum, the founder of ABR, or to by assessed by ABR Therapists here in Perth.

Families undertaking ABR in Perth were originally paying for the ABR therapists to fly into Perth and stay for the few days of the clinic to receive their individualised training programmes. This was proving to be a challenge to raise money each year individually, so as a group we united efforts to raise further funds and help our children. Also over the years costs have decreased and the costs of the ABR treatment therapies are now more affordable for families.

People with cerebral palsy can achieve amazing things, they become business people, consultants, parents, presidents of local service clubs and internationally respected leaders in their field. Individuals achieve because people believe in them and assist them to overcome barriers.

Our aim is for our children to contribute to their community in whatever way they choose and are capable of, as we feel they all have much to offer. However, they need lots of help and therapies, such as ABR, can help them achieve more from life.

By continuing to raise funds, we hope to make this treatment available to a wide group of children in WA to assist in their rehabilitation of cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. We feel that everyone should have access to ABR treatment if they want it, regardless of the costs involved, and we are dedicated and committed towards helping our children overcome their limitations and have the best possible chance in life.

The ABR technique is being adopted in a number of countries around the world and this development will enhance the opportunity for many children to improve their body structure and to assist further in their development. We appreciate your assistance in helping our children and adults receive the benefits of ABR and make a real difference towards their future.