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Perth ABR clinics

If you are interested to find out more about the Perth ABR clinic or would like to book into the next clinic, the first step is to view the following website The website will provide you with background information and technical aspects on ABR, and provide you with a greater understanding of what ABR involves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the ABR clinic?

The clinic runs for 2-3 days, depending on the number of families involved. The first day is made up of assessing the child. This is done with one of the trainers showing the family the areas where the child can expect to improve physically, and explaining the different approaches and theories that may be used. A copy of the assessment is provided to take home and review at a later time. This is useful as it allows the family to revisit what was discussed, and provides a point of reference when observing the changes that start to happen to the child.

Once the evaluation is completed, there is a workshop to attend. The workshop is designed for the parents to attend without their children, so they can learn the principle theories behind ABR, ask any further questions they have and practice the techniques on each other and on the ABR trainers. This is invaluable as the parents are given constructive feedback on how to improve their technique before they begin to practice on their child. The Workshop includes an open forum where families have the opportunity to discuss with each other any difficulties or feedback they may be experiencing.

Once the workshop has been completed the training begins, with each family provided with a unique program that is designed specifically for their child. The training involves 2 ½ hour sessions per day. The child is required to attend these sessions so that the trainers can observe the parent and child working together and find the most comfortable positions for all involved.

Can I bring other children/family members to the clinic?

There is no black and white answer to this. The clinics are always intense so we ask that families think carefully about who they bring. As many families have help from friends and family members, they like these helpers to attend the training sessions to learn first hand the new techniques involved. We encourage families to use whoever they can to help, but if you intend to have more than 3 adults with the child in one session, we suggest staggering the helpers visits. This is to make sure that the child does not get too distracted, and the parents are able to stay on task and make the most of their time with the trainers. As far as siblings are concerned, we ask that families consider this carefully before deciding to bring them along. To be fair to all families attending the clinic on that day, we expect them to be supervised and remain with their family at all times for the duration of the session, so as not to disturb the other children.

How many hours each day of ABR are required?

This is up to each individual family. ABR likes families to do 3 hours of manual therapy a day; however, for most Australian families this is not practical or achievable. Each family needs to consider how many hours they will be able to achieve each day before they sign on to do ABR. It is obvious that the more hours you put in, the quicker the results you will see, however, something is better than nothing!

If you hire the ABR Massager, you are able to make up some extra hours whilst your child is sleeping, watching TV, reading a book or playing. ABR does not recommend you replace your manual hours with machine hours, but that you use the two techniques to compliment each other. Each family should discuss with the trainers the amount of hours they are able to achieve so that a program can be achieved that is suitable for each family.

When is the next ABR clinic in Perth?

The next ABR clinic to be held in Perth will be starting on the 16 March 2018.  When families sign up to ABR they usually commit to attending 2 clinics per year.  These clinics will be held in Perth.

Where will the clinic be held?

The ABR clinics are held at the Travelodge in Perth.  We are always open to suggestions, so if you have a contact that might be able to assist us with a suitable venue for any future clinic, please let us know.

What are the clinic costs?

The cost of the clinic is based on the cost that is charged by the trainers from Singapore. The cost of a full clinic is subject to variation and there are varying options.  You can start with a basic package to try it out for around $500, or opt to do full clinics, two per year.  Full clinics include assessment of your child and prescriptive exerices, along with email support from the trainers in Singapore if you need advice or information on your child's progress. The Bio-Rehab for Kids, Inc. charity currently covers the cost of flying the trainers to Perth, accomodation and the conference room rental, all machinery needed etc. This saves each family over $2000 per year.  ABR is changing and evolving, so different modules are offered, which can significantly reduce costs for families.

How do I book into the clinic?

Each family needs to do their own research first by visiting the web sites listed above, it is also recommended that new families get in contact with families currently doing ABR to discuss any questions or concerns they may have. Before families book into the clinic, they need to consider the time commitment that is expected and how this will impact on their family life, especially where siblings are concerned, as well as the financial commitment involved. Families then have two options; email ABR Asia directly via the ABR Asia website and notify them of your intention, or email Paul Edmondson here in Perth. Paul will be able to guide each family through the enrolment procedure. An enrolment form will be sent via email, which needs to be completed and sent to guarantee a placement for the next clinic.

Contacts for clinic enquires/bookings for the next clinics.