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ABR testimonials


  The following testimonials have been provided by Perth families.

Violet                                                             --- violet

My daughter Violet received brain damage at 6 months of age, now she is 12 years old with severe movement and physical disabilities.  As with other children with severe physical disabilities, my child moves her entire body when trying to isolate and move other parts of her body.  She is intelligent, but has not been able to walk, talk, roll or do much for herself at all.

Before we started ABR, I was becoming distressed as her body was starting to get misshapen, for instance her left shoulder blade was starting to wing out noticeably.  Therapy providers had no answers for me when I asked about her shoulder winging out other than, "This is quite common".  I found this unacceptable and we, as a family, decided to try ABR to see if there would be a beneficial effect on Violet's body structure.  We started ABR around December 2008 and have noticed slow, progressive improvements with her body structure. 

We have been doing manual massage and using the ABR machine with very good results on Violet's body and general health.  Violet's body structure is definitely getting better:  her shoulders are coming down and we are seeing more of her collarbone; she is starting to use her arms to balance a bit for herself and her hands are more open; she is getting more control over her neck and shoulders.  Even though she is not sitting (yet) I, for the first time, can actually see how this will happen for her with continued ABR.  Other therapies have focused on trying to get Violet to grasp or sit, but her muscles just wouldn't work for her in the right way, so it has been very frustrating for her and all the family.  With ABR, I can see that there is steady improvement and that eventually she will be able to achieve purposeful movements for herself.

 Janet and Tim



Our daughter Jana was born under extreme conditions whereby she went 6 minutes without oxygen and needed resuscitation which resulted in damage to her brain. As a result she suffers from Severe Cerebral Palsy , Epilepsy and Developmental Delay and we were initially told not only that survival was unlikely but if she did survive she would not talk , walk or have any functional capacity at all.

Well Jana proved them all wrong and started to breath on her own, smiling , drinking and watching all these new things around her. At 8 months of age we discovered that a therapy called ABR had become available in Perth due to a charity called Biorehab for Kids which had formed to assist families with children that had severe CP or similar issues. They flew the trainers to Perth twice a year and when we discovered about this therapy the clinic was just about to start so we jumped right on board.

After the first clinic we started with the ABR exercises immediately as Jana had several major issues which were her ribs had flared out and distorted and also she was being fed now through a nasal gastric tube. She had no head control whatsoever and was very thin.

After several months we chose to go to Singapore for the clinic there and to meet the founder of ABR Mr Leonid Blyum and Jana got a full assessment directly from My Blyum. From there on we have not looked back and Jana has received the ABR treatment now for six and a half years. Within six months her ribs were back to normal and at age two we had the pleasure of taking the Nasal Gastric tube out and throwing it in the bin as Jana started to eat like a horse. Her body filled up and all the distorting stopped, her head control is now amazing and she chats away like crazy (although still her own language)

Jana receives manual therapy from her Mum on a daily basis and at night she has the ABR Massager machine therapy while she sleeps. We even put the machine on her head while she plays with Dad after school to get extra hours in. With ABR the more you put in the more you see the improvements in your child. It is not a quick fix but a therapy which you need to stick with to keep the improvements going.

Jana has just turned seven years old and is a pure delight. We have no doubt that without the ABR therapy she would not be this healthy and happy.

Paul and Verena


Mujaheeda is 12 years old and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegia when she was born with a senior brain injury. As a result, she suffers from seizures and is being fed through a PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy) tube. She also has vision and hearing impairment.

When I was told that she had CP I looked for the treatments available at that time. I learnt about ABR but the only reason we didn’t do it was because it was only available in Singapore and we could not afford it.

Her life was never stress free and easy since the beginning but after starting ABR approximately three years ago her wellbeing has increased wonderfully.

Mujaheeda was struggling to get a good night’s sleep. She could sometimes stay awake for more than 24 hours, unable to fall asleep. I remember that her father and I would alternate our sleep schedule during the night to be with her. This has been happening since she was born until we began with ABR. She was on the melatonin medication for a while but it did not produce any results. She has sleep apnea and when she was 6, her tonsils were taken out.

Her muscles always expand which feels like we are picking up a log because of the immense stiffness in her body. She was previously on Botox every 6 months since she was 3 years old to relax her muscles, which was not a permanent fix for the problem. Mujaheeda had her hips dislocated at the age of 5 and has undergone a surgery to repair them.

Mujaheeda has seizures and she has been on 4 anti-seizures medications. She easily gets infections and her healing time is lengthier than average. When she started school she missed a large amount due to her absences as she regularly gets admitted into the hospital with an average of at least twice a year.

When she was 7 her hips got dislocated again and needed another surgery. It was during this time that I decided to give ABR a go. Six months after starting with ABR I was so pleased when the result of her hips x-ray showed her hips were back to normal without us having to consider a surgery again. She sleeps better with the ABR machine. Her seizures have reduced and she is down to only one anti seizure medication.

A few months back Mujaheeda developed a pressure sore and we are hoping with the help of ABR she will recover from the sore.